New Business Inquires

The following individuals should be contacted regarding new business quotes based on your agency's name. The alpha split is based on the agency name you had registered with the StateFund:


Agency Name:

StateFund First Agency Rep

Telephone Number


#, A–J

Rikeyna Howard

(415) 536-8668


Kalandra Robinson

(415) 536-8631

Renewals, Large Accts ($500k+)

Nichole Gonzalez

(415) 536-4003



Certificates of Insurance / Waiver Requests / Additional Insured / MCP-65

The State Fund discontinued issuing certificates of insurance in 2012. You may now issue a certificate from your office using an ACORD Certificate of Liability (ACORD 25.) The exception to this is the DMV MP65 which the State Fund must sign. For these forms, please email:


Payroll Report / Audit

Payroll reports can be submitted directly by the policyholder by registering and submitting online at , by calling the ecommerce line at 888-782-8338, or it can be sent to The fastest way to resolve a delinquent payroll report is to call 888-782-8338. For inquiries about audits; the policyholder can contact the State Fund directly by calling 888-782-8338.

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